Introduction to "Consignment" Selling:

Every Shop in America has one or more machines that are NO longer required in the day-to-day operations of their business.

A Showroom is now Available to Display & Sell your “Surplus” Machines Tools.

Customer Benefits :

• Convert an idle Asset into Cash Flow or “Savings

• Create “New” space for Expansion

• Eliminates a “Mental” Distraction

Consignment – Selling Fee :

15% of “Agreed” Advertised Price

NOTE: At closing of Sale … Consignor will receive 85% of the Sale Proceeds
NOTE: All offers will be submitted to Consignor for Acceptance

Information Required from Consignor :

  1. “Operating Condition” of Consigned Machine
    • Excellent
    • Very Good
    • Good
    • Fair – Parts Only
  2. Repair work required?
  3. Parts Book Available?
  4. Original Manufacturers Invoice Available?
    • NOTE: This Invoice will provide Specifications & Features
  5. Manufacturers Sales Literature Available?
  6. Machine Voltage

Trucking :

Machinery Connection can arrange Pick-up of Equipment from your Plant.
NOTE: This Cost is the Consignor’s Responsibility.

Rigging – Loading :

Machinery Connection can arrange skilled machinery movers to remove equipment from your plant.
NOTE: Consignor Responsible for Loading Cost.

Terms of Payment to Consignor :

At time of Sale … Machinery Connection will issue a Cashier’s Check to:

  1. Consignor’s Company
  2. An Owner, Officer of Designated individual

Warranty :

Consignee Accepts Responsibility

Repair Policy :

Machinery Connection only Resells Equipment that is in Proper Running Condition.

NOTE: Should your Machine require Mechanical, Electrical or Electronic Attention…Machinery Connection will deduct from Sale “Proceeds” the Labor & Repair Parts provided by Machinery Connection’s Rebuild Dept.

Painting Policy :

Machinery Connection Incorporates a 1st Class Paint Facility. When required … Machinery Connection will restore Machine to Original Factory Colors.
NOTE: Cost of Painting will be deducted from Sale “Proceeds”.

In Conclusion :

Machinery Connection welcomes receiving (3) photos/views of your “Surplus” Equipment. On review of your photos … a Market Value will be Established and discussed with you. Click here to contact us.